Andrea: Our Wards love and Prayers


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Our Wards love and Prayers

Andrea, Doug, Darren, Daniel, Dustin, Alisha,
To ALL of you we say God bless and know that our thoughts, our prayers
and our fasts are dedicated to you at this very difficult time.
Now, this part of the message is directed to our dear friend Andrea.
Please, please nourish your tired body Andrea so that you will be strong
enough to fight like we know you can! You MUST draw on your incredible
strong will now more than ever before to get through this latest trial. We
want to do our part in your fight by CONTINUALLY praying and fasting for
you, and delivering our Relief Society lessons to you. It is our hope that
if you are able to listen to our lessons, they will give you added strength
to keep fighting and keep you connected to your sisters that love and care
about you so much. We will continue to deliver them to you unless we hear
Thank you Forsyth kids for setting up this blog to keep those of us who
love Andrea informed of her condition. You are ALL truly amazing people who
have had to face a lot of adversity and trials over the past couple of years
and are stronger because of it.
Now, if we can do ANYTHING, please call me ANYTIME! (225-0749) Take
care of yourselves and know that we are here for you all.

God bless dear friends,

Hugs, Debbie Sorensen

Remember, President David O McKay promised, "God will be there to guide and
direct him who will seek Him in faith with all his might and with all his


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