Andrea: Merry Christmas Mom!


Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas Mom!

   All seven of us went up to see Mom ( Nana) yeterday.  It was standing room only--not only because there are so many of us, but because there were so many other people wanting to visit with her!  We took up our Christmas presents for her--some new reading material---some music to help bring the Christmas spirit--and some footies that are abnormally soft!!!  The kids had all written letters to her, and she read them while we were there!  I couldn't help but notice that when she read Alex's letter she became very emotional, and when Alex gave her a hug he became pretty emotional as well, especially for a 15 year old boy!  When we left I asked Alex just what exactly he had written in his letter.  He smiled and said "I just told Nana I wanted her to be here for all the things I am  looking forward to in my life--When I go on a mission, when I get married in the temple, you know, mom, stuff like that!" 
  I just wanted to take a minute and add a "ditto" to Alex's thoughts!  Yes, mom, we all want  you here for all the things we are looking forward to in our lives, and even the things that may come our way that we are not looking forward to!  It has been a tough enough two years going through life's milestones without Dad--So, mom, I hope you know how much you are needed and loved.  Family is all about relationships--the good and the bad--and I find it amazing how, when we let ourselves, it is so easy to let go of all the bad and only remember the good!  I guess that is all part of the miracle of the atonement! 
 So merry Christmas, mom!!  I know it probably won't be one of your merrier ones--so lets make sure you are around for many Christmases to come--we still have a lot of good memories to make!  I love you, Jame


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