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Saturday, December 8, 2007

From Me

Today is Saturday, December 8th. For the third day in a row I have been sitting outside my bathroom door because they have been giving me Lasix, a drug to pee. I've been retaining water and yesterday I lost five pounds. Remember that's water! I hope we do as well today and maybe I won't have to sit here Sunday.
I'm strickly on a feeding tube now - not very attractive, but than neither is anything else about chemo. I have tolerated it very well. I get some ice chips during the day. I know that sounds awful, but it hasn't been all that bad. I don't miss the food, especially here. Every once in awhile I'll see an ad on tv that looks good and I just say, "One of these days I'll have one if those." I don't even miss the chocolate. This chemo has messed me up, but not for long!
I popped in to see nephew, Adam last night and we made a date to go walking tonight. He is right next door in the Stem Cell area. He'll go through all of the stem cell stuff before me so I'll have someone to talk to about it.
Thank to everyone for your prayer and good thoughts. That's the thing that keeps me going.
And haven't I got the best children? YESSS! They are all just helping me along this experience. I am continually blessed with great support.
Love, Mom, Nana/Andrea


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