Andrea: Update 1/5


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Update 1/5

I had a chance to visit with mom this morning for a while.  She was alert but tired.  She was able to say a few word like hello and I love you.  I was there when Dr. Ashe came in and she was very happy with her progress.  She still thinks that these side effects from the meds will go away and she will get better.  I asked her about the next phase of her treatment and she says that they won't do anything for at least two weeks, but they need to keep moving forward.  She said that they need her to get better before they can do anything else.  We are greatful for the visits and I know they really help Mom.  She is really frustrated and scared and friendly faces are a comfort to her.  If you have any time she can use the visits.  Remember tomorrow is fast Sunday.
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