Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January 8th Update

I sorry I haven't written for some time, but it feels like I have talked to most of you on the phone. I have been there almost everyday in the past week. I have seen a steady decrease in functions and speech, which Dr. Asch saw also. Yesterday they did a Lumbar Puncture, or Spinal Tap, they saw nothing out of the ordinary there. I have mixed feelings about that, I was hoping for some infection that they could fix and everything would be fine. But on the other hand she has no Lymphoma in there either, Yea! They are still leaning toward toxicity in the cerebellum, causing a little swelling, that is why the speech is gone, and her head is bobbing. We are hoping this is the problem and everything will be fine too.
Thank you all so much for love and concern for Mom and the rest of us. I have been very scared and heartbroken by this pothole in her journey, but also very comforted by family and friends.
Thank you Aunt Gwen for rallying the troupes, and Sheree for the idea of the alphabet chart for communication.


  • At January 10, 2008 8:59 AM , Anonymous Amy said...

    Alisha, and family

    I'm so grateful to you all and know that I love you and my prayers are with you . I have a testimony of this Gospel and I know it's true . God is with you all and God bless everyone . Please send my love to your Mother and I hope she gets well soon. With Love, Amy


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